Apr 4, 2016

#AtoZChallenge Day 3: C--Colors

Amidst the black of night
Full moon looked as a knight
Travelling with us
The entire journey ahead

Just then,
Black turned white on one side
Yellow & orange on the other
Revealing the umbrella of the greens

Immersed in the felicity of the dawn
We rode ahead into the plush of the woods
Amid the browns of the summer
We cooked our food, enjoyed our time

As the sun rode across
The soft cool breeze turned warm
And the fragrance of the woods
Mixed with the aroma of the food

The halcyon holiday
Mixed with colors
Of food, of joy, of nature, of life
Lived it fullest, though ephemeral in time

With the colors of life
Celebrated the festival of colors
Being close to self
Under the green opulent tree

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