Feb 1, 2015

Her Highness.. !!!

On this beautiful morning
My heart yearns to enjoy
The calm whispers of the nature
Her silent song of joy

The long day ahead droops me off
Dragging me to the work
I wish I get out through the window
That's showing me the world I love

And then I see her
Moving mightily across the woods
Her beautiful eyes, astonishing long neck
Perfect colours elegantly woven together

Her highness walks with pride
She is a beauty she is the best
They call her a peacock
I call her my love

I wish to be with her
All my day and my night
Admiring her and hence myself

Is it the beauty of life? I wonder

The best of the world on one side
The road of your journey on the other
Always together, yet never to meet
Just like the distant horizon

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