Oct 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Li'l Sister..!!!

A bond built by birth
beautiful family we belong
best sisters we are
and we choose to be much more

Every li'l smile
those tough fights
whoever at fault
we always patch up

No matter who you are
what and where you are
I am still your sister
as loving as you need

you are a reason for my bliss
with the warmth of a hug
and beauty of sunshine
is around me when I am with you

Dear Sissy
Love you loads and loads
for all the beauty you are
stay happy stay smiling
for you the reason for my smile

Happy Birthday darling
May all your dreams come true
and every smile be yours
when something goes wrong
just look around, I am just there
to hold your hand :)

God Bless...!!

1 comment:

V. Archana said...

thats a wonderful birthday wishes to your li'l sister.. hope you girls had a wonderful celebrations :)