Nov 3, 2013


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Happy Diwali to all my readers..!!

through the silence of the darkness
the symphony of light travels
bringing joy and fun all around

one diya makes it all
beautiful and bright
magically illuminating the night

with family joy multiplies
as we shout, talk and laugh
the joy out loud

the festival of lights
always different but this one
definitely special

with a new family
with first diya lit
everlasting smile

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Leo said...

Wishing you a Diwali filled with not one but many diyas, and as bright and warm as your post, Yami. :)

A short but sweet poem... Yami style. I liked it :D

All the best for BAT.

Sreeja Praveen said...

Hi Yamini,

That was a very cute poem :)

Was it fictional , or your experience ?

Sid said...

Nice composition. Happy diwali :)

Jini Fernandez said...

Wow!!!Wonderful poem Yamini. However, I am curious to know like Shreeja was it fact based or fiction.

Ash Sharma said...

That is very sweet poem. Happy Diwali

Akila G said...

Nice! warm and cosy in the spirit of it:)

the little princess said...

a new bride's first diwali? beautiful!!

cifar shayar said...

joyful poem same like the festival of Diwali

aativas said...

Nice composition.

Shashiprakash Saini said...

सुन्दर और प्रकाश से भरी कविता