Oct 28, 2013

Smile v/s Power..!!

"You need power only when you want to do something harmful
Otherwise, Love is enough to get everything done"
--Charlie Chaplin

It's so true for many of us remember that 'always smiling' kindergarten teacher better than the 'Never smiling' professor at college. I believe that a 'true' smile is the face of love and ask anything with a smile, you get it (unless you ask for everything you shouldn't).

"Silent Message In Love Etched"

The beauty of a smile
treasure it is for life
every journey of a mile
with it is less tough

Just a little curve
with love when carved
touches every nerve
all worries definitely halved

Power brings no love
instead harms and hurts
never feel the need of the above
as it doesn't hear if's and but's

Never think of using Power
as Love and Smile wins forever

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Being Pramoda... said...

Good work.. loved it.. keep smiling as always.

Turn to my blog for a short continution..;)