Sep 1, 2013

Sweet n Sour..!!!

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Sweet & Sour: Its called Marriage

I never knew I would love someone as uniquely as I love you
You irritate me to the heights; let me get tired taking care of you
You never leave me love notes, nor bring me flowers
You hardly say ‘I Love You’ nor wish on special days
Yet I love you for your little love that’s so rare

I dreamt of special holidays; wrote love poems
Celebrated life like none other
Then I met you; time had come and gone by
With no memories to cherish; no dreams to recollect
Yet I love you for the little time we spend together

Happiness was a common feeling, which just happened everyday
Sorrow was a distant nightmare, which never dared to touch my shadow
Little things brought a smile that filled my heart and soul
But I hardly remember when we laughed out together
Yet I love you for the little smile that’s so rare

I never knew I would love someone as uniquely as I love you
For the way you hold me and bear my madness
For the way you sense my sight even in a crowd when I look at you
For the way you hug me tight when pain sunk in even before I knew
Yet I hate you for changing the person I was

I still play with colors and read many novels
I roam around with my dear buddies all day long
And get to meet my parents any day I want to
For its your support that binds these all
Yet I hate you when you wake me up early morning

You held my hand and guided me through the dark
You reach to take out my fears and throw them away
You made me stronger and tougher by leaving my decisions to me
You stood by me whenever I was about to fall
Yet I hate you when you don’t like what I cook

Dear Husband,
I waited for a long to find you and its been years I found
Yet I am empty and incomplete; I still await ‘a complete me’
My patience has no end
I shall wait a lifetime
To enjoy our marriage that’s sweet and sour
For it’s just the two of us forever

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Richa said...

Very nice take!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem. You seem to pour your heart out in all the words of this poem. Nice work.
Here's mine: Binzy - Sweet and sour(Facets of relationships)

the little princess said...

takes time for marriages to work...and nothing but love and patience can bring two people together....

Aashish Sood said...

Very Very beautiful. I am not much of a poem person but even I could see that this one was written from the heart!

Entered BAT after a long time and getting introduced to newer people and newer writing styles....

Read mine at Aashish - Sweet and Sour!!!

Parvathy said...

Very beautiful. When words flow from the core of heart it cannot get better! Love you for this :)

Vinay Leo R. said...

OMG Yammy, such a huuuuuuuuge font size? Why why why? :P Reduce karo thoda dear. Dekhne mein itna dikkat nahi hai.

Poem zabardast :D Loved it. Good to see that you are back too. :)

Cifar said...


Cifar said...


Someone is Special said...

Very beautiful Yamini. Glad to see you writing for BAT after a long gap. Welcome! Keep writing okay?

Someone is Special

Megha said...

There are expectations!Always!
Sometimes we have to ask what we want.

Nice piece of work. All the best for BATOM :)

Alcina said...

The longing and contended emotions of the heart.I guess this is not only story of marriage but every relationship.Nice write-up :)

Shashiprakash Saini said...

बेहतरीन कविता यामिनी जी
रिश्तो की गहराई
आपने बखूबी समझाई

Amit Singh said...

Nice one... direct from heart...

Amit Singh said...

Nice one... direct from heart...